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Services Overview

The Dedicated Servers offered by ItalianServers are installed and set up in the italian webfarm by ITNet in Rome. The net infrastructure used in Italy by ITnet is based on Wind's backbone, made of 18.000 Km of cable in optic fiber and more than 2.000 Km of city rings (Metropolitan Area Network), everything in continuous growth.

Every Dedicated Servers will have a 100% Italian connection (ITNet, MIX, Namex, Telecom Italia, Fastweb), an unlimited monthly traffic and a bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Mbps. Server Reboot and Operating System installation (Rescue system) would be managed through web interface.

Web Farm ITNet (Rome)

The ITnet Web Farm is structured in order to guarantee the advance solutions in terms of infrastructures and technology. Furthermore, it is under armed survillance.

  • Redundant main transformers at 100%
  • UPS Redundant at 100%
  • Electricity-generating groups with start-up time < 10sec
  • Closets rack (cabinet) with double feeding
  • Conditioning System redundant at 100%
  • Complete air conditioning in a position able to maintaining a delta (t) < 1°C
  • Single closet rack with forced conditioning and extracting heater machine at the top