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Services Overview

The Web Hosting offered by ItalianServers are activated in our dedicated servers located in our italian webfarm sited in Rome. All our Hosting Services are managed by our techs and they are simple to use.

If you want to focus on running your business instead of worrying about hosting technology with ItalianServers managed hosting service, you do not need to become a hosting guru to run your online business. From single servers to large clusters, our techs will help you deploy managed hosting solutions to meet your specific goals. Using our dedicated servers, cloud computing and backup systems, we can deliver managed hosting solutions for nearly any application.

Italian Web Farm in Rome

Our Web Farm is structured in order to guarantee the advance solutions in terms of infrastructures and technology. Furthermore, it is under armed survillance.

  • Redundant main transformers at 100%
  • UPS Redundant at 100%
  • Electricity-generating groups with start-up time < 10sec
  • Closets rack (cabinet) with double feeding
  • Conditioning System redundant at 100%
  • Complete air conditioning in a position able to maintaining a delta (t) < 1°C
  • Single closet rack with forced conditioning and extracting heater machine at the top