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Web Farm IT

The WebFarm where we host the ItalianServers and HostingVirtuale servers, is located in Rome. Also in this case, the main reason of this choice it is the guarantee for our advanced solutions in terms of infrastructure, technology, and access speed. The net infrastructure, used in Italy by ITNet, is based on the Wind backbone, made of 18.000 Km of fiber optic cable and of more than 2.000 Km city rings (Metropolitan Area Network), all in continuous growth.

Peering with other ISP, is guaranteed from ITNet agreement with MIX (Milan Internet eXchange, one of the most neutral connection point), and with NAMEX (Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange, Internet Exchange Rome Point), through connections of 8X155 Mbps e 2X155 Mbps.

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Colocation Hosting

ItalianServers is in the position of providing custom-built solutions to let customers manage their sites: services to companies, persons and resellers. Our experience is the best guarantee to say that we can be your best choice for Internet Services.