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General Characteristic
CPU INTEL Single Core 1,6-3,0GHz
Hard Disk 80-160 GB
Bandwidth 2 Mbps flat (2Mbps guaranteed)
Monthly traffic unlimited
Network Uptime 99%
Operating System and Control Panel
Operating System Linux: Debian, CentOS
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
(license required)
Control Panel VHCS (optional)
Access Server SSH with user root
RDP with user Administrator
Domains unlimited
Email unlimited
Database unlimited
Network and Data Center
WebFarm ITNet (Rome)
Backbone ITNet, MIX, Namex, Telecom Italia
Connection Italian
UPS System redundant
Conditioning System redundant
Security 24 hours / 7 days
Included services
Restore of Operating System request via ticket
Server Reboot request via ticket
Firewall CISCO PIX redundant
Number IP Address static 1
Technical Support via email, ticket, chat, forum for all basic problems
Optional services
Restore of Operating System through web panel
Server Reboot through web panel
Recovery System (OS Rescue) through web panel
Additional IP see price list
Additional RAM see price list
Additional Hard Disk see price list

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